Friday, June 27, 2008

The dust settles

Things begin to fall into place. Our new base of operations is almost fully operational. Our trusty supercomputer is up and running and, while much remains unsettled, the new base is fairly well organized. While it is somewhat disheartening to pass the hollow shell which was once our beloved headquarters, we are quickly adapting to our new environment. Alba has planned a better layout which makes better use of the available space. Incidentally, if anyone needs a light blue (sort of cyan, really) 2-seat couch (quite comfortable, lightweight), just let us know.

Update: Paige Ellsworth, a friend from work, has taken the couch. Thanks, Paige!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Mental Lapse

The city has been quiet this last month, and domestic duties have kept me occupied. In order to maintain a low profile, we're changing the location of our headquarters. The new base will be smaller, but more secure against intrusion (Particularly from the arch-villain Formiciman and his insect minions).
During the process, I've realized something about myself - Deep down, I'm afraid of change. Perhaps that's part of why I make an effective super hero. I like my world to retain in the nice, orderly pattern which it has always held for me and work to make sure that happens. I know my wife is right about the advantages of our new location - lower cost, more protected and all the rest - but even today, the day we are slated to move our base of operations, I find myself uneasy. Something in my gut is clinging desperately to the reality which we have known for these last 2 years, even if they haven't trimmed the bushes since we moved in.
And so, I find myself asking why I can't simply accept with grace the opportunity which presents itself. Is this, somehow, symbolic of something greater? We had hoped to fill our larger base with a larger supergroup, but we haven't had any luck. I suppose that my heart recognizes this as a measure of giving up on those hopes for the time being. Is that, perhaps, why my heart is heavy?
As supergroups and hero families flourish around us, we ask why we can't keep up. Are we doing something wrong? Are we somehow cursed to remain alone? Will a kind and merciful God finally send us what we've been asking for? Moving brings all these questions to the painful forefront of my mind.

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