Wednesday, February 27, 2008

How it all began

The source of my powers remains a mystery, but I *do* have a theory.

One morning, as I was on my way to an early morning class (6:30 AM), I lost 15 minutes. I should have arrived with 5 minutes to spare, and I got there 10 minutes late. My theory: Alien abduction and experimentation. My evidence beyond my tardiness: When I got there, my sweater was on backwards, my t-shirt was on inside out and, if I recall correctly (it's been several years), my pants were also on backwards.

Before that day, I had little evidence of super powers. My linguistic talents, for example, certainly had yet to manifest, as I could barely pass my high school spanish classes. Thus, I believe that my super powers are derived from alien experimentation.

My parents believe that I fell asleep on the way and was too tired to dress myself. Yet, even if I had somehow fallen asleep on my feet, several other students would have passed that way and seen me by the side of the road, several of whom would have taken great delight in waking me. And so, my theory stands.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Mild-Mannered Mundane Me

Even superheroes need to pay the bills, so my mild-mannered persona, Steve, works the phones with BYU's customer service every morning. The only superpower I allow myself to manifest here are my linguistic talents, and these are only revealed under the direst circumstances (E.G. when we get a caller who speaks Spanish.) Today, work is slow, so I have time to blog, study Elvish, whatever I feel like doing . . . which eventually gets a bit boring. So I take my ten minute break and, in the elevator (there aren't many phone booths these days) become Sapphire Sting, Defender of the fenderless! Alas, 10 minutes doesn't allow much time, and my quick flight around the perimiter revealed nothing that the local officers can't handle. I didn't even find a cat in a tree. Sometimes, even being a superhero is boring.

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