Monday, July 14, 2008

Leaving Paragon City

Heroes are not immortal, even the superpowered ones. While I have invested so much of my life into protecting the citizens of Paragon City, the time has come for more common adventures - those of domestic life. I bid farewell to my friends in Paragon City, and leave them my fondest hopes.
Nickarr, my dear old friend, may your sword shine bright forever. You've been my friend from the beginning, and we made an unstoppable pair. May the Spirit always guide you, and may the glory of the Lord rest upon you.
Kick Back, you've been a mentor and a friend to me. You helped me make my start in Paragon City and have always supported me. Any time, day or night, I could find you patrolling the streets, making Paragon City a better, cleaner place to live. Keep hope burning bright, and keep busting up the bad guys.
No matter where I go, no matter what I do in life, the spirit of Paragon City will live on in my heart. I will continue my battle against the forces of evil wherever I may be. Heroes of Paragon City, I salute you. Farewell.


Derrill said...

"He's leaving Paragon City? How could he do it?? What's so calls him to domestic life?"

Grandma Jule said...

Before Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman, who, for some curious reason seem married to a particular location, your average "Super Hero" of the Ol' West was the the Sherrif, like Marshall Dillon or Wyatt Erp, or a gifted amature like Captain Nemo, who wandered the earth seeking out pockets of evil and "dealing with them." While the citizens of Paragon City will be forever grateful for the service you have rendered during your years of training, they must surely understand that, like many great ones before you, the time has come to leave the nest and the safety of Super Friends constantly beside you in your adventures, and strike out on your own, like the great Heroes of old, to bring the light of Freedom and Justice to a greater world at large.

Go Forth, Noble Hero! Remember the lessons you have learned here in Paragon City. Be true to your truest self, and find success and adventure wherever you go!

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