Friday, November 7, 2008

Shattering the Fourth Wall - What is a hero?

Okay, I admit it - I'm not a superhero. I can't fly, I can't shoot radiation bursts from my fingertips and I would look horrible in blue spandex. Ever since Sapphire Sting left Paragon City, I've been losing touch with him. It's been several months now since I stopped playing City of Heroes - after 3 years, it was definitely an addiction. Sapphire Sting, Alba Caliente, Graham and Envinyatar, along with literally dozens of other lesser-used characters, are slowly slipping away. Perhaps more importantly, my friends like Nickarr, Kick Back and Trick Tracy are no longer a significant presence in my daily life. I miss them, but I cannot go back. The characters I created, the bases I designed, the friendships I forged - all are, sadly, part of the past now.

Yet part of it lives on in me - the ideals, the dream of saving the world, one day at a time. Most days, it's little things like going to work and school when I don't feel like it. Another day it may be a vote, or a blog entry supporting Proposition 8.

What makes a hero? Is it super powers and spandex, cool catch phrases and bullet-proof hair? The villains have those, too. How do we know the difference? Where does the shallow veneer end and true devotion begin? Where can we turn in such troubled times?

There is one source we can always trust, a perfect hero to us all: Jesus Christ. The gospel of Jesus Christ is the surest and only true guide to happiness, safety and truth. Every day, if we strive to be as He is, we will become the heroes our world needs.

To help and to heal without hurting another.
To love and forgive your enemies no matter what.
To be both just and merciful in all your dealings.
To boldly stand for what's right, no matter the cost.
To gently guide all those who are lost and will follow.
To share the light of the gospel with all who will listen.
To be a brother to all even as they smite you.
To be true to your own divine heritage.

We are all sons and daughters of God, brothers of Christ, and are all eligible to feel the promptings of the Holy Ghost if we will but listen. The days ahead - the last days, it seems - are times when we will all need to stand and be counted among the heroes who follow with faith the divine light of truth, even Jesus Christ, our Redeemer.

The battle lines have been drawn. Let the last crusade for Christ begin - not a crusade of blood or of worldly conquest, but a crusade against the evils of this world. Let us defeat the villains, the destroyers, the haters, the hypocrites. Let us stand and wave the banner of truth!

Will you join in our crusade? Who will be strong and stand with me?
Beyond the barricade, is there a world you long to see?
Then join in the fight that will give you the right to be free!
Will you give all you can give so that our banner may advance?
Some will fall and some will live, will you stand up and take your chance?


Derrin Watson said...

Outstanding. Very well said.

Grandma Jule said...

Usually, it's Dad who is the one with misty eyes. This time, it's my turn.

Not that I am surprised (as in, "What did you do with my son, and who is this imposter you've relaced him with?"), because you've always had noble qualities and shown moments of wisdom well beyond your years;

Not that I thought you unable to express yourself - - - We've known since your first testimony meeting in Santa Barbara that you are gifted at expressing yourself;

Not that I still think of you as my "baby" (although I always will!) - - - because we have both been *so* impressed with how you have stepped up to the plate and shouldered the responsibilities of a wife and family of your own.

I guess what it is, is that magical moment when everything comes together, and a parent gets to step back and look at her life's work, and say, "Woah!!! *I* helped forge THAT?!!!"

Thank you for giving me that moment.

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