Sunday, March 22, 2009

Dreams Come True Parade

As I struggle with Insomniaman again (Curse you!), I bring you (now with more irony) the "Celebrate a Dream Come True" parade. Since this is a WHOLE LOT of pictures, I'll intersperse it with my (hopefully) humorous and (possibly) insightful commentary . . . but it IS 6:00 AM, so don't expect too much.

The pre-parade. A pretty awesome marching band that came through about 15 minutes before the parade itself, presumably to clear the path for the upcoming floats. Good work, guys!

Ah, the man himself, leading the parade. You ready for your close-up?
I've gotta put my 2 cents in here. Having dancers in a parade? Nice. Having matching outfits? Also a nice thing. Having cloned haircuts (okay, they're really wigs, but still) done with laser precision, making your dancers look like freakish clones? SO not a good thing. Say hello to the mildly disturbing Pixiclon© army!
Man, check out this guy in purple . . . he's been in the sun WAY too long. The rest of them look to be suffering also . . . it's as though they're all being controlled by some evil Puppet Master . . .
Okay - Puppet Master yes. Evil . . . unless you count the whole Possessed Toy thing, probably not. Maybe their connection to the forces of evil will be revealed later on. Keep an eye on those guys, they're spooky.
No, Figaro, don't eat Chloe!!!

Often, the back ends of these floats have some of the most cool/fun stuff of the entire float. Between the gems, the princess and Dopey, this qualifies.
So, this float has a bunch of things that fly - Aladdin on his carpet, Genie, Dumbo, Mary Poppins, the Stork and . . . Winnie the Pooh? Well, I guess he's got a balloon . . . with which Bernard from The Rescuers seems quite intrigued. I hadn't even noticed that the rescuers were ON this float until I did this blog! Disney Magic - It's all about the details.
I had a dream about flying when I was a kid that involved Dumbo . . . and a bunch of care bears. I guess a kid's subconscious doesn't separate franchises.
Another wave of the Pixiclon© Army, ushering in . . . the forces of evil! I knew it!!!

Malificent may have gotten the high spot on this float and did most of the talking, but . . .
For me, Cruella made the show. The Villain float was parked in front of us for quite a while and Cruella was fantastically in character. Her vainness as she subtly altered the lyrics of the song from "Celebrate You" to "Celebrate ME!!!" and the look on her face as she dared anyone to celebrate anything or anyone else . . . PRICELESS! I hope the rumors going around the internet that they're planning to remove this float aren't true. I don't consider myself a big fan of Villains (what self respecting hero would?), but these guys deserve better.

Let's see . . . Peter Pan, Wendy, Alice, the Mad Hatter and . . . ummm . . . a bunch of globes/bubbles/Jareth's crystal balls, etc. with a castle inside. What's the theme of this float? Is this a Fantasy-land float? An Old Disney Cartoons with Non-Princess Female Protagonists in Blue Dresses float? There's no banner on the side to help you out with this one, either. What's your theory?Okay, zoom in really close on this one and tell me something . . . is that Mushu in the central globe? If so, what the heck is he doing with these guys? Mulan's not a "vintage" Disney Film, Mulan isn't a Fantasyland kind of girl, she doesn't wear a blue dress . . . Now I'm really confused.
Yet another Pixiclon© as the Happily Ever After float approaches. They've got someone on the inside!

You gotta love the stone-faced security guy walking by the prozac-powered parade.
Once again, it's all in the details, man

The After-parade: All the people who've been trying to get out of the park for half an hour but have been stuck following this parade around. You're almost there, kids! For more professional photos, a more in-depth analysis and more musings about the freaky dancers, go here.

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