Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Monkey Business, Disney Style

When we went to Disney World, we brought a long a few stowaways. See, we have a large collection of stuffed critters.
While a few of these are of an aquatic persuasion, the majority are Emie's favorite - Monkeys. We've got tiny kids' meal monkeys, Beanie Baby monkeys, Build-a-Bear monkeys, great big novelty monkeys and a few gorillas for good measure.

Naturally, we couldn't leave them all at home when we went to Disney World, so a few of them stowed away. Bradley (Beanie Baby purchased at IHOP), H. Soarin' Primate (Purchased at Wal-Mart by our friends, Ryan and Becky) and Chloe (Emie's Webkinz fishie from Joy) When we would come back to our room at the end of a day at the parks, we would find the room cleaned up, which was no surprise. What WAS a surprise was that the staff had also arranged the monkeys around the pillows for us to welcome us home. We experimented for a day or two and determined that it was, indeed, intentionally staged. So, we decided to set the stage for the maid staff. By this point, Emie had purchased another monkey (Misty Dawn) at Animal Kingdom. We had also picked up a few interesting props from our Princess Breakfast. Thus, we set up a clash of the titans - 3 monkeys in an epic struggle as one fishie tries to hold them back!

In order, top to bottom, left to right: Misty Dawn (with the magic wand), H. Soarin' Primate (swordsmonkey #1), Chloe (would-be-peacemaker), Bradley (swordsmonkey #2)

We returned to the following picturesque scene:

Our little friends set aside their differences and were now watching TV together (the Disney Channel, of course). Toys probably really like the story of Pinnochio, of which they are seen here watching a clip.
This wasn't the end of it, though: Mom and Dad also found a little surprise across the way in their room! Mom had brought along her little white kitty stowaway and we had obtained a Webkinz dragon for her (which she has dubbed Aurora). When Mom and Dad returned that evening, they found their little friends also watching TV together. I think Aurora was diggin' that firefighter cartoon, especially since the fire wins.

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Probably Derrill said...

A hilarious post, Steve.

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