Friday, June 5, 2009

Status Update

I'm sure there's at least one person out there who is eager to know why my blog hasn't had any posts lately. Alas, life really isn't very interesting right now. Emie's job continues as planned and I don't have a job - who hires somebody for 2 months, really? So, I've been devoting my time to cleaning up in the apartment, personal projects and, of course, gaming which hardly make for interesting reading. I've washed the dishes a few times, packed up a box of stuff from our bookshelf, rewritten a couple of pages of my short story, started setting up my old computer to get some prized files off of it, started making contacts in CT and . . . well . . . played a lot of games. Not much to report.
The only really noteworthy thing of late is that we've had to send in our Wii for repairs again. Back in February, we sent in the Wii for repairs - the standard cleaning so it can function with Super Smash Bros. When is came back, I noticed that the top cover - the white flap over the gamecube controller slots and memory card slots - was missing. This was not a major concern at the time, since we usually have it open anyway, since we keep our gamecube memory card plugged in.
A couple of weeks ago, for the first time since then, I decided to play one of my gamecube games and discovered a more serious problem - memory slot A no longer reads my memory card. Slot A thinks that the memory card is some other device. Slot B works, but many of my games will only look at slot A (E.G. Twilight Princess, the one I was trying to play). It worked perfectly before I sent it for cleaning. I don't know why the technicians felt it necessary to mess with that part of the Wii if all they were doing was cleaning the lens, but there's obviously something wrong here. I recently sent it off to get fixed and now I miss it.
The worst of it is, since the lady on the phone claims that they've never heard of this problem before, they're probably just going to replace the unit. This, in and of itself, wouldn't be so bad except for the probability of losing our saved game information. Emie and I have spent many hours on Animal Crossing, for example, a game for which the memory won't transfer to an SD card for safe keeping. We've recruited my brother and his wife to hang on to and tend our many virtual flowers while we're away but it would be sad to lose the rest of it. Many thanks to them as we hope for the best.

1 comment:

Derrill said...

"We hope for the best too yet, Steve"

Course, since this blog is dedicated to your alter egos, you could just tell us about the games you're playing and how you saved the princess ... or would have, but she's in another castle. It's quite common in the Civ IV community anyway.

"We love you."

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